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Destroy the systems holding you down to achieve glory and justice.

cybeRRRevolution (cyber-R-revolution) is an action-adventure game about bartering with monsters, piloting godly mechas, and taking down bandits to secure a prosperous future for a nation in a post-war reality. Play as Sepsis, Rebel, or Barrett, each working toward a common goal of Recovery, Reconnection, and Rebuild.

Coming Soon - Late 2023

For press and publishing inquiries: contact@brujeriaatwerk.com


Santo – Creative Director 

Liesl A. – Narrative Design

Kaloy Feliciano– Layout artist

Therisse Amunatigui “TV-MA” – Soundtrack

Julian McAllister “The Nexus Rasp” – Soundtrack

Manuel Marcano – Programming

This project was made possible thanks to support from:



cybeRRRevolution is inspired by and draws from Guarani traditions in its visual and gameplay style.


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I really like this game's visual style. Stellar work so far!

After Don't Wake the Night I was gonna be down with whatever the next project was.  But I gotta say, once that trailer started playing I did not stop pumping my fist until it was over.  So, so, so excited to see this once it's ready!